The TV shows that I like to watch

The TV shows that I like to watch

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This article is going to dive into my personal thoughts about the TV shows that I enjoy. I don’t really watch very much cable, mostly because of Netflix. Waiting a week to watch a new episode, or 10 seconds. You decide. The only bad part about Netflix is that there’s a ton of shows I want to watch that they don’t have. Not really shows, but mostly just movies. Netflix is actually increasing their monthly rate in the near future, because they spend so much money. They spent a few billion last year alone, but they have stated that they don’t regret any of the choices that they made.

I wish I had a few billion to just throw at TV shows. They do have a lot of Netflix originals, so those are probably a big chunk of it. TV shows cost a lot to make. Anyways, my top shows that I have watched are Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Office, and Ozark. Ozark and Breaking Bad are pretty similar, although I think Ozark is kinda grittier. They just each have their own different feel, and Breaking Bad is more about his descent into a crime lord rather than being pressured into money laundering under the threat of death. I usually just start shows and never finish them, because I like to watch a lot of pilots. A lot of people were obsessed with Stranger Things, so once season 2 rolls around then I’ll probably get more into that. I watched a few episodes from the first season, but it didn’t hold my attention.

Comedy shows are nice sometimes because you don’t have to follow a plot, but you can still enjoy each episode. Except Family Guy. I can’t rally get into soap operas because they make a huge deal out of everything. How much drama can there be at one hospital, anyways? You might as well just go to a chiropractor instead, where they act normal. Plus they don’t all have bang each other there like some terrible HBO show.

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