Tampa’s Top Three Best Restaurants of 2018

Tampa’s Top Three Best Restaurants of 2018

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Tampa has a lot of great food, but not a lot of people know which places are the best. If a restaurant is still in business then clearly they’re doing something right, but I want all of you guys to know which Tampa restaurants are the best of the best.

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Mr Dunderbak’s in Tampa tops my review list not only because it has great food, but because the prices are also very affordable. Now, if you’re unfamiliar with German food, then I would highly suggest eating here first. I know a lot of people haven’t tried it before, but they’re hooked once they try it. Mr Dunderbak’s is located in northeast Tampa, near the Tampa Palms area. I always take a while to order whenever I eat here, because the selection of food is simply amazing.

You can order a wide variety of things, ranging from pork schnitzel to potato pancakes. In case it wasn’t abundantly clear, both of those items are my favorites. It shouldn’t come across as a surprise that this restaurant was the first on my Tampa list. It’s a very clean restaurant, and all of the waiters are open and helpful. Nothing’s worse than going to a restaurant where the waiters can’t remember what the specials are, or they can’t offer any suggestions.

My only complaint is that my stomach is too small, because sometimes when I’m craving German food it just seems like my stomach is to small for their menu. With every bite you can just taste how fresh the ingredients are, and I’m sure the chefs love what they do. Why else would they cook great food with such ease? If you’re still curious for more information, make sure to check out all of the positive online reviews on yelp and google. I’m leaving mine right after I finish this article.

tampa restaurant mexican fish

Besito Mexican Restaurant might possibly be my favorite Mexican restaurant, and that’s in any city. Not just Tampa. It’s a classy restaurant, but the experience makes you care about the restaurant like you would with a small family-owned business. As soon as you walk through the front door, there’s a general feeling of happiness. Nobody is unhappy with their food, and the waiters are all friendly and smiling. To a customer who has never eaten here before, these are the kinds of things that will hook them regardless of food. Besito Mexican restaurant is a joy to be inside of, even before you order the food.

This time around, you’ll be eating near the Beach Park in Tampa. Some people might think that the menu can’t have THAT much variety, because they only serve Mexican food. That’s where they are wrong. Yes, Besito Mexican Restaurant serves all the typical Latin food such as tacos and enchiladas. However, Besito Mexican Restaurant takes that formula and turns it on its head. I’m a pretty boring guy, so I usually just order some form of enchiladas. They also offer lots of different appetizers and drinks (not just adult ones), and all of the food is very filling. I cannot emphasize the quality of the food here enough.

Other restaurants just see you as a customer, and they want you to order food and get out as soon as possible so another customer can sit down. At Besito Mexican Restaurant, the chefs really care about you. There’s this family atmosphere, and the owner is regularly touring around the restaurant to make sure everyone’s glass is full and their needs are being met. I assure you, you will taste how much the chefs care about their food with each and every bite.

On top of all that, this is a very clean restaurant as well. Everything from the bathrooms to the table has been thoroughly sanitized, even the kitchen. I know that for a fact, because the owner let me see the inside of the kitchen once (I asked first). My kitchen at home isn’t even that clean, and nobody uses it! Also, I’m pretty sure I saw one of the stainless steel counters sparkle. Might have been my imagination. The kitchen’s hood was also extremely clean, which is important to prevent grease fires.

I told the owner that his Tampa hood cleaning company must be amazing.My point is, all of the staff just wants to make sure you enjoy yourself. Ever since my waitress suggested that I order the budin de Mariscos, I have been a regular. All of the staff knows my name as well. Sometimes I’ve considered going to Besito Mexican Restaurant just to sit down and talk, enjoying the family atmosphere. I wish I could leave amazing review online each time I eat here, because that is the impression this Tampa restaurant leaves on me.

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Finally, if you’re still unimpressed then Mermaid Tavern should change your mind. Here, you’ll be dining in Tampa’s Old Seminole Heights neighborhood. The word “tavern” makes me imagine some dark, musty place that resembles a brothel, but Mermaid Tavern is actually one of the classier places I have eaten at. The waiters are all very experienced and professional, tackling every situation thrown at them with finesse.

Everything about Mermaid Tavern screams class, down to the lighting. There aren’t a ton of windows, but whoever designed the interior counteracted that by providing excellent lighting that almost resembles the sun in quality. This may seem hyperbolic to some people, but eating in a dark restaurant where you can’t see the person across from you sucks. I’ve eaten at places like that in Tampa. None on this list, however.

Mermaid Tavern also serves some unique food that I doubt you’ll find at a lot of restaurants in Tampa, at least the reasonably priced. My favorite item to order here is the truffle fries, and it’s only an appetizer! Mermaid Tavern won’t even serve you regular commercial ketchup, they have to make their own in the kitchen.

I highly suggest their healthy alternative, because there isn’t any preservatives or corn syrup. Before eating here for the first time, I read a couple of the great online reviews so I would know what to order. Nobody had anything negative to say, which really got me excited to try it out.

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