Hobbies of mine

Hobbies of mine

Next up on the list was hobbies, which I’ve covered in almost every article of mine where I mention something that I enjoy. Some hobbies of mine are being alone, watching movies, and playing video games. I like reading, as long as it’s something that holds my interest. If there’s a magazine that I enjoy, I’ll read it. I shouldn’t say that I always love being alone, because I still hang out with friends sometimes. I went to a few concerts at this weird underground place with my friends in Reno over the summer. Everyone there just smoked cigarettes, no matter how old they were. If they all continue smoking well into their 20s, they’ll all have black lungs that will look like a dirty grease trap. Fortunately, I know a restaurant hood cleaner who can clean up those sorts of messes. Too bad he can’t purify their lungs.

My asthma disagreed with the atmosphere of the event. I usually just sit outside and how out with friends because the concerts are always trash and a mosh pit usually forms. Did I mention that I have claustrophobia? In case it wasn’t abundantly clear, another hobby of mine is being in Reno. When I was younger, I really liked riding my bike and scooter around. I don’t know if that really counts as a hobby, but I would ride my scooter every day with my cousin to the point where it almost became a daily ritual. Is eating a hobby? If so, my uncle Jason had a scapegoat for his daily over-indulgence. I just realized that I’ll be living with Naomi if I move back to Reno.

We’ll almost be a real family again. I’ll feel bad for leaving my mom alone, because the only immediate blood family she has within an hour of her house is her parents. And they’re not in the greatest condition. My dad will probably just try to fill the gap by bringing Sheri over a lot. Is it a coincidence that she looks similar to my mom? I wish he would stop trying to force her family into ours. I don’t like her son, I’m just nice to him whenever they make me hang out with him. I didn’t bring it up in the best way, so my dad just perceived it as bratty ungrateful complaining


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