Favorite restaurants to go to in Oregon

Favorite restaurants to go to in Oregon

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I know I already talked about food, but technically this is a different topic so I’m gonna go super in depth about the places I like to eat, instead of just what I order there. In Reno, I have a bunch of favorite restaurants. Actually, I’m going to start with Oregon restaurants. Just because I have fewer favorites here so it’ll go by quicker. My all time favorite here is actually a buffet, and it’s called Izzy’s. I’ve been going there my whole life and the taste of the food never changes, so I love it. I’m gonna take Steph there someday when she visits me in Oregon. Sometimes I feel super fat after I leave the buffet.

My dad and I used to go to the Mongolian Grill here, which is like Genghis Grill if you’re from Reno. Genghis Grill is garbage, though. This food is amazing. You fill up a bowl with meat, vegetables, noodles, and then put some sauces on it. Then, they cook it on the grill right in front of you. The chefs use these weird paddle-shaped tools to stir the food around. I’m not sure what they’re called. Then they ask you if you want teriyaki, and they slide the food off the giant circular grill and into your bowl in one fell swoop. That would definitely be a cool place to job shadow at. There’s multiple sizes of bowls too, and you can even get multiple bowls.

There’s no way I could eat that much, though. They just charge a flat fee instead of weighing the bowl like a frozen yogurt place, so I just stuff it to the brim. I used to love going to the Subway here with my dad too. We would go sometimes on weekends and I would get a tuna with pepper jack on flatbread. Every single time. And it still tastes amazing to this day. Except now I put vinegar on it and mustard. Usually I just get all of the oils and vinegar, but only a little bit. I’m not sure what they would taste like if I got too much of one.


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